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Most beers lack Imagination, Enthusiasm, and Passion...
they lack Heart. Bleeding Heart Brewery has Heart!
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Bleeding Heart Brewery is Alaska's smallest production brewery, tucked away on an original colonial homestead farm in Palmer. Our mission is to create unique, high quality, reserve style ales and lagers in order to bring new craft drinkers and seasoned "craft life" veterans together, push the limits of craft brewing in Alaska, and to laugh at satire around damn good beer.

While our name may not scream "Alaska" by invoking a mountain, a river, a lake, an animal or the sun itself, we are Alaskan. Our inspiration comes from literature, colloquialisms, sarcasm, tragedy, music, pain, love, life, heartache; from the human experience itself. Every beer has an origin and a history that extends beyond simply where we live, but what makes us who we are! Every beer tells a story; every beer has Heart!

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